Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year!

November 28, 2016

I know I just emailed on Thursday so you might be expecting a lame
email but it's actually been an eventful few days! Thanksgiving was a
blast, playing football was amazing and eating 5 dinners is not the
best idea... overall it was incredibly fun! Best way to spend my last
missionary thanksgiving! On Friday I got to go on an exchange with
Elders Thompson and Warr and be in a Spanish trio for the day. Yes we
taught Spanish lessons, no we didn't get fed Spanish food (we got fed
thanksgiving again:/ ) but the best part of the exchange is that they
gave us an investigator named Linda! Now just in case some have forgot
or never knew, but we cover the YSA here in the Reading Stake. Now
remember I'm on the east coast so a stake isn't a few blocks anymore,
it's at least 50 miles from East to West. So a lot of area, a lot of
investigators right? Wrong! Ever since Trey we haven't had a solid YSA
investigator and by solid I mean someone we've been able to actually
teach a single lesson to. Anyways we do a lot in the Bethlehem Ward,
but I always feel bad that we struggle in the YSA so I'm constantly
praying for someone to teach in the YSA. Well it just so happens that
Linda is YSA and we taught her, she accepted a baptismal date and
absolutely loved church! We are so excited for her!

Other eventful news is that we had an amazing baptismal service on
Saturday! We had four kids we've been working with get baptized! First
we had Gabriel and Elijah Perez, who are 12 and 8. Their mom was less
active but moved here from Florida for a better life and her boys are
amazing! They always ask the best questions and they can even teach
the lessons back to us! They are the best. Then we had Tyden, who is
Brother Finch's grandson. Tyden's mom isn't a member, but she really
wanted him to be baptized. He's a pretty wild kid but he's hilarious
and always has the most honest prayers! "this is the best day of my
life" or "I'm sad the elders forgot to bring the other elder for the
lesson, but I'll forgive them" us and his mom crack up in every
lesson. Then their was Angel, who's grandparents we have reactivated a
few months ago and she turned 8 between then and now! It was such a
great service and the spirit was very strong! I was asked to baptize
Elijah, which was awesome because he's pretty short! All four of them
were confirmed on Sunday and it was just so cool to see four kids all
standing up front so happy and proud!

That's what I have for this week, it was an awesome weekend. Just
another reminder to hop on and watch #LightTheWorld. We are
excited to share it with as many people as we can and make this
Christmas season a great one. Thank you for all you do for me and the
prayers and support! Take care, enjoy the snow if you live in Utah and
have a great week!

1) Thanksgiving with the Presley's
2) the baptism of the munchkins!
Left to right: Elijah, Gabriel, Tyden, Angel

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