Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Tongan, a Paraguayan and a Utah walk into a church....

March 6, 2017

This week has been an absolute blast! We've been in a trio this week
with Elder Fifita, from Tonga. He came with us for a few reasons, one
being that his companion went to fill in where a missionary was needed
and Elder Fifita goes home on Wednesday anyways so they let him kick
it with us! He's the man, we've had a crazy fun time this week, and we
are the most diverse trio of missionaries ever!

On Tuesday I went to Elder Beebe's district meeting, where he had his
companion, Elder Dennis, draw these gnarly looking faces. Then we
proceeded to teach those faces for our role play. Money! Then we got
some Buffalo Wild Wings and I had a really good exchange with Elder
Soto from Texas. We did a little service for an investigator, taught a
bunch of lessons and just did straight work. On Wednesday when we were
exchanging back we met up at this little convenience store in the
middle of nowhere. I picked it on google maps because it seemed like
an easy place to find, but I also checked the reviews, 2 of 3 said
"best cheesesteak in south New Jersey." Really? Wow? I figured I'd
test out this claim and I'm not kidding it was one of the best
cheesesteaks I've ever had. I think that my favorite thing about food
is that it's not always the biggest best name to get the best food,
you can easily get better, cheaper food from the small ma & pa stores.
Just like the gospel, you don't need to be a big name preacher to help
others find their savior right? I figured I might take a stab at a
food-gospel analogy.

On Sunday we were invited over to President Sikahema's for dinner
because Elder Fifita is Tongan. No joke. The other reason Elder Fifita
came up here was to meet President Sikahema, because he looks out for
all the Tongans and the rest of the Polynesians. It was pretty fun and
he's a super cool dude, his wife is awesome too and cooks amazing

Transfers are this week and I've finished up my sister mission (18
months). Sadly I'm getting transferred once again, but I'm super
excited for new opportunities and experiences! I'll be training a new
missionary in Philly and I couldn't tell you how happy I am for it! I
feel super lucky for this opportunity and I look forward to telling
you all more about it next week! Love you all!

1) gnarliest district picture ever
2) Elder Soto!!
3) bomb cheesesteak!!
4) President and Sister Sikahema and Elder Fifita and Elder Cristaldo!!!

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