Sunday, March 12, 2017

You're not in Kansas anymore Elder Smith

December 19, 2016

Nor am I in Pennsylvania anymore! New Jersey isn't much different
though, I man I asked some members what their favorite thing about New
Jersey is and they said "the fall, the spring, wawa and the beach".
Pennsylvania has 3 of those and I can't go to the beach anyways so I'm
adjusting well!

Man this week has been a blast. Our zone is massive, we cover the
entire southern part of New Jersey and have 13 companionships we work
with! My new companion is Elder Lake and he's great! He's from Arizona
so he's not used to the cold. Especially the cold this week because it
was mad chilly! We even got a little snow. So we have some pretty
sweet people we are teaching here and 3 of them came to church this
week! Alanna, who self referred herself, Cynthia who is as golden as
can be and a guy named Joe who's living with a member! Hopefully we
can see all three get baptized because they are pretty solid.

We had a nice breakfast with the ward this week and I got to meet a
bunch of new people! As usual my brain feels pretty overloaded with
all of the new things and people out here so this might be relatively
short, especially because nothing too crazy happened! Hopefully I'll
have some fun stories to tell when I call home. Anyways I'm excited
for Christmas, I read a bunch of December ensigns this morning for
studies and the Christmas spirit is a real thing you just have to seek
it, like how the wise men had to seek Him. Have a Merry Christmas

1) district meeting!
2) we decided to follow the Christmas initiative and support a
business that closes on Sunday #LIGHTtheWORLD

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