Sunday, March 12, 2017

Yo como alitas de pollo y pizza

February 6, 2017

These weeks keep flying by faster and faster, which I'm trying to
decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing... this week I got to go
on exchanges with Elder Thatcher, he's from New Mexico and he's
awesome! We taught Nina, our Chinese investigator, on that exchange.
We talked about baptism with her and she seems willing to be baptized
but said she needs to learn everything and asked Tyson if she needed
to go to BYU to learn more about the church and to get baptized
hahaha. Tyson is super pumped about her though, we don't get as much
of a feel of her progress in English, but Tyson lets us know how much
she is understanding!

This week we also got to do family history with our recent convert
Jennifer. She's so excited to get to the temple to do baptisms for her
family. I act like I know how to do family history, but I don't
because I've never really done it. I guess it's not that hard though
because in our time with her we got two names reserved for ordinances
and there were many more to reserve but her computer kept getting
pop-ups and ads #thestruggle. Family history is pretty awesome though!

We finally got some elders back in Camden this week. I'm super excited
about it and one of them that was originally here, Elder Jensen, came
back! He forgot his iPad in his temporary area though, so I went with
him on the speed line to meet some missionaries in Philly to get it
back. Anytime I get to walk through Philly I'm just amazed, it's such
a cool place.

We had our MLC this week, which was focused on a lot of administrative
stuff, but it was still great and we had our Area Seventy, Elder Kunz,
there with us. So back at transfers I was hanging out in the office
waiting for my companion to arrive and Sister Randall said "Elder
Smith, any suggestions for lunch at MLC?" "Pizza." Yup, we had pizza
at MLC. I ate pizza three times this week and chicken wings twice this
week too! So pumped about that. I'm also working on my Spanish with
Elder Cristaldo and I say all these ridiculous phrases all the time
and he just laughs! Thank you for the prayers and support you give me,
your all in my prayers as well. Have a swell week, adiĆ³s¡

1) district meeting
2) I filmed a time lapse of the speedline on our way to Camden and it
might not be that cool, idk

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