Monday, January 25, 2016

It's Finally Winter!

January 18, 2016

What's up everyone? It's been an awesome week here in Morrisville and
it snowed too!!! So buckle up for another one of these mission emails!

Last Monday was alright, we just had an average pday, did a little
walking around the mall and stuff, but honestly shopping as a
missionary is just boring. After pday was over we had a lesson cancel
so we tried to make a few visits, and one of them was successful and
we were able to set up a lesson later in the week!

Tuesday a member offered to cut our hair, so we accepted because our
hair must have looked pretty bad! It was probably the nicest salon
ever and as people were walking out I heard the lady at the desk
telling them the price of their cuts and let me tell ya, you could buy
enough $1 burgers to feed my old lacrosse team with that kind of
price! It was awesome too because we got to know this member and she
said she wants to have us over for dinner soon because her daughter
and son aren't members! Me and Elder Johnson joked it was probably our
best finding activity so far haha. After dropping off a bunch of
bibles to our referrals from Church HQ, we had a lesson with Maurice,
a recent convert. He's super solid in the gospel, and he knows what is
up so teaching him is quite easy! During the day I told Elder Johnson,
the last night I went to the zone leaders apartment in Nazareth i
noticed their beds were in their living room and they turned their
bedroom into a workout room. We laughed about it and somehow we ended
up doing the same thing, so now our living room has our beds in it and
it is awesome! That night the Chatfield's took us to Chick-fil-a and
man it's been much too long since I've had that! It was sooo good!
Then we went and taught a LA named Lydia, who recently got a calling
in primary, which is quickly reactivating her! I guess she's grown up
in the church but she's always had concerns, but she understands the

Wednesday morning was a blur too me and I couldn't even remember what
I did when I was writing in my journal that night, but we had an
awesome lesson with a lady named Carla! Elder Johnson and his last
comp taught her and she was pretty solid, but she was getting her
apartment fumigated so for some reason they dropped her. Anyways we
went over the restoration with her and at the end she told us she
believes the Book of Mormon is true so that's something I can
definitely work off of!! Afterwards we had to drive down to Pennypack,
which is in Philadelphia, for interviews with President Anderson! We
pretty much just talked about how I'm transitioning to the area and
what not and then he told me there is a guy in my ward, who's part of
our stake presidency, President Coltrin. President Anderson told me he
was at lunch with President Coltrin not too long ago and President
Coltrin showed President Anderson a paper with the Popeyes stock on
it, and it went up like 5 points or something. President Anderson told
me that right in that moment President Coltrin made like $15 Million
because he's the CEO of Popeyes!!!!! Like whoa hold up, Popeyes??? My
favorite place to get chicken of all time?? I just thought how stoked
all my friends from back home would be about that haha. Anyways it was
a great interview, more of just chatting a bit! That night we went to
visit the Pray's who are a couple who's baby just recently passed
away, so I guess things used to be pretty rough for them, but they had
us over for pizza and they were super funny and awesome! We got to
share with them "bearing our burdens with hope" and sister pray said
it reminded her of her son and what a blessing he was to them! It was
an awesome visit.

Thursday we had Zone Training, so we had to go down to Pennypack,
again. It was quite good and hopefully I can take a something out of
it! It was on our culture of our mission. We got to teach Maurice
again, about the law of chastity so that's always fun!! He told us
he's trying to share the gospel to some friends too so that's great!
We taught Sister Benfield, another recent convert who's gonna go to
the temple for her endowments in April so we are stoked for that! We
got to teach Geraldo after, who is dating Jennifer. They are living
together, but they come to church every week! Jennifer has been
investigating for a while and I think she even has a calling of some
sort! Anyways we taught the law of chastity to Geraldo and immediately
he recognized he wasn't living it because he was not married to
Jennifer. We talked to them about getting married and they really want
to. Then Geraldo told us he wants to be baptized and asked what else
he needs to do for it so we are stoked about that! Afterwards we had a
lesson with the MacDonalds. Their son Gavin recently got baptized so
we are reteaching him, but him and his brother Jude have been really
sick lately and they are trying a gluten free diet so they gave us all
of their gluten filled food to take home with us!

Friday was really interesting. Elder Johnson had to go to district
leader training, so he went with the other district leader in the zone
and I got to go on exchanges with his companion, who had been out a
little over a week. It was an interesting exchange full of studies and
finding and somehow I ended up buying him a dinner too but it's all
good I guess! When Elder Johnson got back we went and visited
Christine and her kids!

Saturday was interesting too! Elder Johnson has been having gnarly
headaches so we went to urgent care for a bit and he didn't feel well
enough to do much else! We had to go down to Pennypack again to do an
interview for the sisters baptism. Mix in some weekly planning as
well! We had dinner with the Dyott's. Sister Dyott and her father
Brother Dyott! He's way old and has awesome war stories so that was
cool! We had a lesson later that night with a guy named Scott and his
girlfriend. He's a Jew so I feel like Jeff the Jew prepared me for
this! We really established our purpose and answered questions because
they were reading some anti Mormon book and we debunked all the stuff
and they asked us if we could come back soon!

Sunday was a good day of church, Geraldo, Jennifer and Carla came as
well as a bunch of recent converts and less actives. We had dinner
with the Chatfield's and later that night had Book of Mormon study. We
didn't do much because Elder Johnson's supposed to get a bunch of
rest! But it snowed so I'm super stoked about that!

Today has been crazy, we were supposed to go play basketball with the
ward this morning but our car wouldn't start so we have pretty much
been waiting around to get our car towed to get it checked out. Right
now we are eating lunch with Bro Massimini so our days not going too

It's been fun here so far, I love it! I feel like in the last week
I've grown a lot and we are really building up the area, of course
with the help of the Lord! I'm really looking forward to what we can
do here! We found out Jennifer and Geraldo want to get married on
March 12th so that's a huge step! I hope you all have a great week,
your all in my prayers!!

201 Woodbourne Rd. Apt. F33
Levittown, PA 19056

1) a pretty blurry picture of our zone
2) the church parking lot after a nice snow
3) we are currently waiting for our tow truck so this is me, Elder
Johnson and Bro Massimini who didn't want to be in the picture!

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