Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas Brothers

This weekend we had a gnarly winter storm that shut down all of PA,
but it didn't stop us too much! Utah is just rad because we get snow
and we all go out and continue with life, here, not so much! So buckle
up for another interesting week!

When I left off last Monday our car battery had died and it took hours
for the tow truck to come. We ate wings with Bro Massimini and went to
his house to do our laundry and what not. Pep boys had our car most
the day, so we finally picked it up around 7 and got a late lesson in
with Jennifer, a non member and her recently baptized son Emin so that
was great!!

Tuesday we started off the morning teaching Daniel, who's super
prepared for baptism except that his job requires him to work
Sunday's, so we talked with him about faith and prayer to find a way
to attend church. We had a lesson with Carla, and we taught the Plan
of Salvation and she understood it well so we set her with a baptismal
date for February 27! We were able to reteach Maurice the word of wisdom
and afterwards he asked us to pray for him as he goes and shares the
gospel himself!!! That night we had dinner with the Nickel family,
they are from Brazil so they had a way cool accent and they were just
an awesome family!

Wednesday we had a worldwide missionary training broadcast. There was
some trainings done by Elder Bednar, a talk by Elder Oaks, all in all
it was great and there was a lot of things that I learned that will
help me better this area and the future areas I go to! That took up
most the day, then Elder Johnson's headaches started again so we
didn't do too much that night.

Thursday we taught Maurice again, this time on tithing and fast
offerings. It's funny the words we use as "Utah Mormons" that non
members don't understand at all! Definitely something missionaries
have to work on! We visited with Sister Benfield and she's prepping
for the temple right now, so we shared with her "Blessings of the
temple" Mormon message. I love that one so much! Hopefully we eased
her nerves towards the temple. We had dinner with the Ross family that
night, another awesome family here in the Morrisville ward!!! Their
house is huge though!! Anyways we taught the MacDonalds that night,
Gavin and Jude had a hard time paying attention to the basic Plan of
Salvation lesson, but they and their mom had a ton of questions about
it as well!

Friday was rough lesson-wise, most things fell through, but we went
down to Pennypack to do a baptismal interview and the family fed us.
Now keep in mind there is a ton of Liberians around here, and this was
the first time I ate Liberian food! They brought out some rice and
what looked like a stew so I tossed some rice on my plate and dished
out some stew. There were big chunks of meat and beans and what looked
like some sort of weird vegetable and I was like sweet I need to eat
more vegetables but lo and behold it was no vegetable, it was a big
ole chicken foot! Really not bad though, I mean it just tastes like
chicken... I don't know what else it could taste like!! Anyways the
other meat was just ridiculously hot. Liberians have this pepper they
put in everything and it made me tear up! It was funny looking at
Elder Martinez, Johnson and Payne with tears just pouring down his
face because it was so hot!! I couldn't even handle it that well! We
all just sat around laughing and crying! That night we were supposed
to get the storm coming in, so we got a call that said our cars had to
be grounded by 6. The Chatfield's offered to pick us up and take us to
Mexican food so we went, and while we were there we got a text saying
the cars weren't grounded because it hadn't snowed yet so we should
still be out working! We hopped in our car to salvage our last lesson
and by the time we made it there it was snowing pretty good, but we
got home safely and a few minutes early so we made the trek to Target
in the blizzard to get some things to prepare for the storm, like a
beanie and a bunch of Dr. Pepper.

Saturday we woke up to a buncha snow on the ground and snow flying all
over the place from the wind. We just chilled, did some weekly
planning, played the guitar and whatnot. The Topham's called us and
asked if we wanted to go shovel with them and they'd feed us dinner so
they picked us up, we shoveled a driveway and started on the church
walkways and after dinner with them they took us home. The streets
were dead. It was a state of emergency so I guess it was illegal to be
out anyways but oh well we did some good right? The storm seriously
lasted all day, not like the bipolar Utah weather! To end the night we
went wifi searching because we don't have wifi in our apartment, so we
wanted to get our emails to read while we were stuck inside but
neither of us got emails so it was pretty useless hahaha

Sunday church got cancelled so we really had no idea what to do
because the cars were still grounded as well. The Chatfield's came and
picked us up and we shoveled a bunch of driveways and finished off the
walkways at the church. They took us home and our cars got ungrounded
so we went back to their house for dinner and went with them to go
give a sister in our ward a blessing. On the way back home we decided
to stop by this guy Elder Johnson just met and he let us in and asked
us all kinds of questions about the organization of our church. He
asked us where we were from and we said Utah and he said isn't that
where all those people have like 6 wives?

All in all it ended up being a fun and successful week somehow and we
got a ton of service in! I loved it! It was also just kinda cool to
see how the east coast is with storms and let me tell you, they are
wimps. A lot of good things are happening here. I love it! We found
out this week that the temple open house will be I think the 5th of
August! dedication will be the 18th and it will open on the 19th and
20th! A year and a month from when I left home! The excitement is
here, it's amazing! I hope you all have a great week wherever you are,
I keep you in my prayers and I hope to hear from you soon!

1&2) that doesn't look like an official Amazon truck to me..
3) what we woke up to on our porch!
4) the Topham's deck Saturday night
5&6) the trek for wifi
7) just a nice picture of some nasty leather jackets we found in my closet

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