Monday, January 25, 2016

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

December 28, 2015

Seriously, it is! We still get to celebrate New Years this week and
then transfer calls are Friday so it's gonna be an exciting time! This
past week was pretty rad! Christmas out here was quite an experience
and all that jazz

Monday I had the privilege of cleaning out my fridge and it had a lot
of food in it from before I got here so that was cool:) We got our
hair cut by Jeff so I could look spiffy when I called home! We had a
lesson with Charles and Joseph on the baptismal covenants, and they
made goals to stop doing things they felt were drawing them away from
the spirit, like swearing and getting mad at people! Then we went to
the Bakers for FHE. Monday feels sooo long ago because...

Tuesday was awesome! We went down to Nazareth to have our Christmas
conference. Three zones were down there so it was a good size of
missionaries. We started with some training in the morning, then we
went into the multipurpose room and we watched "Ephraim's Rescue".
Super good movie! I highly recommend it to all of you! Then we had our
talent show. Elder Martinez made us be in it so we did some stupid
little comedy skit, but all the other talents were rad! There was a
lot of singing and cool stuff! A lot of missionaries played their
ukulele's so I'm kinda glad I didn't do that, too mainstream. Anyways
afterwards we got our Christmas packages and headed home! We visited
Bro Unger and he told me no missionary has connected with his son like
I did, which was rad because all I really did was listen! Afterwards
it was like 8:30 and my comp wanted to knock doors, so I let him try
and people around here get pretty irritated if you do late night
knocking. It was super unsuccessful, so I told him we needed to go to
the store to get draino because somehow I clogged up our kitchen sink
hahaha. I don't think he was too happy about going to get draino, but
oh well.

Wednesday we went and helped Tom in the morning. He's putting in
central air so we helped out a little with that. After that we went
and helped Charles write his talk for Sunday and then had a lesson
with him and Joseph. Then we all went to Taco Bell:) After that we
stopped by Jeff's so I could pickup a present for a member and then
went home for dinner. At that point we were stuck in Palmerton for the
rest of the night because of our lack of miles. We ended up walking
around in the rain for the rest of the night. I can think of plenty of
people to go talk to and see, but my comp thinks those ideas are a
waste of time and he wants to find new people to teach, so we just
walk around and knock on occasional doors with no success. At this
point I just go with the flow cuz that's all you can do to make some
companionships work:)

Thursday was super awesome! We started the day going to district
meeting. Elder Martinez decorated it all cool and we all brought
snacks and watched Mr Krugers Christmas at the end! We stopped at the
store on our way back and got a few things for some members. We
dropped off a Christmas card at Lori's and then went to the Kennedy's.
After a nice visit with them we went to the Baker's and I gave Daniel
a shaving kit, because he's going on a mission soon and doesn't know
how to shave, so I ended up just teaching him too! The branch puts on
a Christmas Eve program at a senior care center, so we got to go with
them and sing songs and have fun with the old people! It was an
awesome experience, I mean if you want to know how to feel the
Christmas spirit, it's that. We finished the night by eating a quick
dinner at Bro Schoenberger's. His wife just got hip surgery so we got
to talk to her for a bit and Bro Devore came over as well because his
wife is in Utah right now!

Friday was the best! We got to Skype home and man I'm tellin ya that
is a sweet experience. It was way fun to hear a little about home,
tell a lot about here, play some songs for them on my guitar and we
all cried a little (or a lot) hahaha I miss my family a ton. Anyways
after that we went to the Fitzsimmons for a very early Christmas
dinner. It was really really nice, and their whole family was there so
it was just awesome! We stopped by Jeff's and I regifted a mini
Christmas tree that my parents gave me. I figured I wouldn't be able
to carry it around till next Christmas, so I thought I'd give it to
the Jew! Him and Mary absolutely loved it! They fluffed it all up and
put all the mini ornaments on. They were so thankful for it, so that
was awesome! We then stopped by the Kennedy's because they invited us
over for some rum cake that they made! Then we made our way out to the
Roeselers for Christmas dinner, but I ended up feeling kinda sick by
the end of the night so I didn't eat too much.

Saturday we did weekly planning, but took a break during it and picked
up some Mcd's and ate with Jeff! We did some more weekly planning then
had a Family history lesson with Charles and Joseph. They invited us
to go to Taco Bell with them after, so of course I can't say no to
that! We went and visited Bro Devore and listened to all his fun
stories from his past and a story about how the Lehighton branch got
it's start. We went and visited Bro Unger

Sunday was tight because Charles and Joseph both came to church! It
was Joseph's first time back since like June. It was funny because
everyone was getting them confused since they are twins! Charles gave
his talk and he did a great job! I gave a talk on patriarchal
blessings. Honestly I love giving talks now and I don't even know why!
During 3rd hour we taught Hailee. She's going through some pretty hard
stuff right now so we are taking it slow with her, but she asked me to
give her a blessing so that was pretty sweet! It's always the best to
get to exercise the priesthood! After church we knocked on a few doors
which didn't yield any success, but it's all good because after lunch
we stopped and talked to our neighbors Doug and Rachel! Doug has been
in the hospital for quite a while so we gave them a little company. We
headed out to visit Jenny and it's always pretty crazy when we go
there, but Bro Fegely came and her friend Sean sat down and pretty
much vented to us about his ex wife and custody and all that stuff, so
even though we didn't get to teach Jenny, we definitely helped someone
out by listening to him. Then Jenny's friend Sam was there and she was
asking us all sorts of questions like how many wife's we can have and
all that stuff so we talked to her a little bit about all that stuff!
Then we went out to the Roeselers for Sunday dinner. It's sad, they
are moving this week, they will be missed that's forsure.

All in all pretty good week! For some reason this transfer has been
pretty physically demanding on me and I'm always feelin tired and sick
now, but it's all good! I'm super pumped this week because we get to
help the Roeselers move, and then we have a bunch of lessons already
planned out and a bunch of places to go on New Year's Day! Then to top
it off, transfer calls will be Friday night and I'm almost positive
I'm out of here. I love this area and the people, but I think I'm
ready to go and get a fresh outlook on things! Thank you to everyone
who wished me a merry Christmas last week and sent me Christmas cards!
It means a lot to a missionary out preaching the gospel. I hope you
all have a Happy New year and a great start to 2016!

1) My Christmas stocking from my mom!
2) My family sent me this awesome Lego advent calendar so there's a
little Christmas village all set up on my desk
3) Me and Santa! (Bro Roeseler!)

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