Monday, January 25, 2016

Where are you Winter??

December 14, 2015

It's like 60 degrees outside right now and it's ridiculous! I miss the
snow! Of course it's dumping back in Centerville, but oh well.
Hopefully we will get snow here sometime! Anyways it's been an
interesting week to say the least but we were able to see a few
miracles and have a little fun too!

Last Monday we got to go over to the Grubers. Bro Gruber and I got to
jam on our guitars for a few hours and he bought us lunch as well,
probably one of the funner things I've done on pday! Afterwards our
Zone Leaders came over and just chilled with us for a few hours, they
are some of the coolest guys I've met! After pday, Bro Fegely picked
us up to go give Sister Bealla a blessing, but she wouldn't answer the
door or the phone, even though she requested the blessing. Oh well! We
went and had FHE with the Bakers and we had waffles and man I love me
some waffles.

Tuesday was way fun, because Sister Blose needed help moving a bunch
of stuff from Slatington to Lehighton. So we picked up Daniel Baker
and Isaac Uhlman and met up with Sister Blose and Harry to load up a
UHAUL and move a buncha stuff. They first took us to Burger King, and
as we pulled into the parking lot, I just thought of how much Tyson
hates Burger King and I just laughed. We had to make a couple trips so
it took up a good chunk of the day, but it was really fun and we
helped out a lot of people, because the furniture is going to some
branch members who are in need. We went to Lehighton and we didn't
have much success looking for less actives and such, so we went to
visit Bro Unger and he pulled out his guitar and started playing some
songs he wrote, it was super sweet!

On Wednesday we went to help Bro Schoenberger with a few things. We
went to Palmerton to get a tree for Jennifer Bealla. Last Sunday she
asked us to pick up this tree that she got for free in the park. There
was a tree festival and the lady in charge of it told Jennifer she
could have it. She told us it would be in the gazebo in the park
laying on the floor. We tried on Sunday but the tree was like 10 feet
tall and there was no way it would have fit in her apartment. So back
to Wednesday, we went and chopped off about a third of it. Keep in
mind this thing is already chopped down anyways. So we carry it
through the park and across the Main Street in Palmerton and up the
stairs into her apartment. We get it up and Bro Schoenberger realizes
he forgot the tree stand in his truck. So he runs down and he's gone
for like 15 minutes. He comes back up and says "You'll never guess who
I ran into when I walked out the door!" I guess the police were called
because 3 guys stole a tree out of Palmerton park hahahaha, but no
worries it's all cleared up and we did not get arrested:) We went to
find some more less actives and really there wasn't much luck. We did
knock on a less actives door and a guy started yelling at us and after
trying to calm him down itch no success I started getting pretty mad
and he threatened to call the cops, which is such a stupid threat so I
wasn't going to back down then he just slammed the door! It was kinda
fun actually! We went and had dinner with Sister Carol and her friend
Harold, they made cheesestakes and they were soooo good! We went and
had a visit with our friend Jeff Wartluft and his wife Trish sat in on
it as well. Jeff says he isn't going to convert, but he's "interested
in learning" Alright Jeff! So a while back we gave him a Book of
Mormon and it's been on his reading list. This time he figured that
since we keep coming back he should probably read it, so he started
which is pretty cool and a little miracle in itself! After that we had
a lesson with Hailee, the girl who we've been trying to teach for like
two months. She's the niece of a member and she's been coming to
church for months and she's really into it and loves going to church
and she agreed to be baptized! A few small miracles that day!

Thursday we started with our district meeting on the new Christmas
initiative the church is doing this year. If you haven't checked it
out, go to it's actually pretty cool! There's a
bunch of videos and stuff on there that remind you what Christmas is
really about. We had Chinese buffet with Elder Martinez and Elder
Fernandes because it's tradition:) We came back to our apartment and
all week I'd been having a pain in my lower back so I had to just lay
down for a little bit to rest up! We went out to keep looking for less
actives and seriously these people all moved away so I guess we don't
have as many "less actives" as we thought. We went to Tom and
Melanie's for dinner and they made the best ham I have ever had in my
life. Bro Fegely picked us up after and we visited the Wilcox family,
who is a part member family. Hopefully we will be able to capitalize
on that. Then we went to see Jenny, but she was sick and in bed so we
talked to her friends for a minute and her son Christian.

Friday was pretty nuts because I woke up in the middle of the night in
a ton of pain so I took some ibuprofen and ended up sleeping in for a
little bit. We started up our weekly planning, but I couldn't focus so
I just laid on the floor in pain. Our Zone Leaders came so we could do
exchanges. Elder Clark stayed here with me because we knew I'd have to
have my back checked out, but first we all went to Chinese Buffett
because it's tradition:) So Elder Clark took me up to the hospital to
get checked out. They did some procedures which should help and gave
me a prescription for an antibiotic. We dropped it off at rite aid and
went to Jeff the jew's while it got filled. I pretty much laid on the
floor the entire time there, because it hurts to sit, stand or do
anything. He bought us Taco Bell though so that made me feel better:)
the rest of the night me and Elder Clark just relaxed at my apartment
because I wasn't really supposed to do anything else that day.

Saturday we exchanged back and I was still in a bit of pain so most
the day was spent just resting. We had our coordination meeting with
Bro Fegely, then Tom and Melanie invited us over for dinner which was
great because I didn't really feel in any shape to make any food.

Sunday was a pretty average day of church, and I still couldn't do
much, so after church we went to the Bakers for lunch so I could rest
a little. We visited the Grubers, but I was just in pain so I didn't
say much, but they are awesome people. We celebrated the last night of
Hanukkah with Jeff which was sick. I don't know if people really
understand the meaning of Hanukkah, but it's pretty cool honestly.
Jeff then pulled out sheckles from 2000 years ago to show us. So like
coins from Jesus's time! Super rare and collectible! Then we finished
with dinner at the Roeselers and they gave us Santa ornaments for a

So now I'm just kinda recovering from everything. Hopefully I won't be
down and out too long, but ya know ya gotta do what you gotta do! I
hope everyone back home enjoys the snow! I miss you all a ton, but
this mission is so great! I hope everyone has a great week and build a
snowman for me please!

638 Mauch Chunk Rd. Apt. 2
Palmerton, PA 18071

Just in case y'all wanna send me some Christmas goodies or cards:)

1) The Gang at Burger King
2) The Gang after moving everything
3) Jesus era coins!

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