Monday, January 25, 2016


January 11, 2016

I got transferred into Morrisville! This email will probably be a
little shorter because I'm still getting the hang of things here, but
it is what it is ya know.

Monday was pretty chill, we hungout with the zone leaders for a bit
and we went to the Bakers for my last FHE in Lehighton! They made me
chicken Alfredo for my going away meal. We then went and stayed
overnight in Nazareth with the zone leaders.

Tuesday we got up early and me and Elder Fernandes drove to meet Elder
Martinez and Laine halfway between the areas because I was supposed to
ride down to Broomall with Martinez. We rode down for quite a while
because it's a long drive to Broomall. We don't do transfer meetings
anymore so there was just a few elders there and I got transferred to
Morrisville with Elder Johnson! He's from pleasant grove Utah and he's
a transfer younger than me. Elder Martinez got transferred to penny
pack so he's my zone leader now which is way awesome! Our ward mission
leader, Bro Massimini took us to lunch and then all the lessons
canceled that day so we did some finding and that night had
coordination meeting! So Morrisville is just north of Philadelphia, on
the border of New Jersey. I'm in a pretty big Ward and we split the
area with a set of sisters. Half of it is kinda ghetto and the other
half is probably the richest area I've seen in PA so it's pretty cool.

Wednesday we had a lesson with this guy named Geraldo. His wife
Jennifer has been investigating for months now and he is being taught
as well. It's interesting because they go to church like every Sunday,
they are practically members. Even their son is baptized! They are
just waiting to get married first because they live together, so we
are trying to get them married ASAP.

Thursday we had our district meeting. Elder Johnson is the district
leader and the zone leaders came so I gotta see Elder Martinez again!
We had a lesson with a recent convert named Maurice, which is always
fun! And we had dinner with a super awkward family too!!! And we
taught this lady, Sister Patton. It was funny because she said she
doesn't have many friends because they all do bad things and they'd be
bad influences on her. We even asked about a guy we knew across the
street, but she said no because he drinks coffee. Come to find out by
the end of the lesson she smokes so that was ironic!

Friday we did our weekly planning, and then we had a lesson with an
investigator named Nyeema. He's Liberian, there's a ton of them around
here and I can't understand them:) he did bear testimony of the Book
of Mormon to us though and that was sweet! We had dinner with a
couple, the Delahunty's. Sister Delahunty was super weird and funny
and Bro Delahunty was just hilarious! Then we taught a member named
Christine and her kids! They were the funniest little kids, it was

Saturday was a lot more canceled appointments, but we gave the sisters
in our area a blessing and that's always good to exercise your
priesthood! Later in the day Elder Johnson said hi to a guy and he
turned around with a big smile on his face and said "India!" And
started talking to Elder Johnson for like 10 minutes in Hindi and we
had no idea what he was saying and he had no idea what we were saying!
For some reason he gave us his apartment number so maybe we will get a
Hindi Book of Mormon, who knows hahaha

Sunday was good ole church but it kinda seemed like a blur to me
because there was so many people! I'm not used to being in a ward
anymore. After church we got to visit some members and get to know
them, which was really nice and Sunday nights we do a Book of Mormon
study with some members!

All in all its been a decent week. It's hard to adjust to a new area
and find ways to be successful but we will try our hardest I guess!
I'll put my new address incase anyone wants it or whatnot! Also I
don't have pictures this week, and for my family I haven't changed the
way I upload pictures so I have no idea why they look so small! Have a
great week everyone!

201 Woodbourne Rd. Apt. F33
Levittown, PA

Elder Dylan Smith

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